Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sharing thoughts and mileage

While trekking solo on the GR57 in the Belgian Ardennes I decided to start sharing my thoughts. Thoughts on gear and trips.
Gear and trips when it comes to walking, hiking, trekking and just (my) dream holidays.
 This way I can reflect for my own benefit while others can get inspired/learn/comment or what so ever.

The name 'Walkaway Outdoor' is chosen for the love for walking, through city or nature, and for the love for the outdoors. Combined they can lead to adventure, beautiful sights, animal encounters, blisters, sweat, achievements and so on.

I will try to post a gear review once in a while and also place updates on my trips. Have fun reading and let me know your thoughts on the reviews.

First review will be of the Gelert Solo tent, a piece of gear which you cannot do without when on a camping trip and this specific tent is drawing attention with its price and weight. So how did it perform during a 9-day trip? Come back soon to find out.

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